FuittFuitt workshop


« Tarab » expresses the groove of the Middle East in Arabic. It is obtained through the execution of the Maqam, a musical system bound to the Muslim religion, known from China to the Maghreb. Each individual country or region has a unique manner to play the Maqam. Each maqam describes "tonal-spatial factor" or set of musical notes and the relationships between them. It allows the musician to play in-between the notes and gives him the opportunity to express himself. To find an original way of playing the Maqam requests both rigor and imagination.

The transfer of this technique to the body is at the origin of Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon’s choreographic research since 2003. It is what they call the Multi styles FuittFuitt

FuittFuitt workshop - 2017-2018
  • / June 09, 2019 /
    / June 30, 2019 /
    FuittFuitt workshop
    Cairo - Egypt