The idea was to make a trailer before the official release of the film, as is customary in the cinema. Idea applied to dance, specifically for Simple proposition creation 2004 of Compagnie 7273.
Consider what could be done with a choreography designed to be shown in a theater.
Work question and staging.
Generate interest without revealing the plot!

Nicolas Cantillon

6 - on february 8th, 2004
Duration 50'
Laurence Yadi, Nicolas Cantillon
Acoustic atmosphere:
Eric Linder
Artistic collaboration:
Daniel Demont,Graziella Jouan(aide à la dramaturgie), Antoine Maret (plasticien), Yona Lee (graphiste),Anton Skrzypiciel (professeur de plongée)
Video editing:
Yann Gioria
Compagnie 7273 (CH -FR)
Ville de Lancy