On stage takes the recent creation by Compagnie 7273 Climax as a starting point. On this occasion, the choreographers Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon revisit the solo form in order to work out a short piece (approx. 12 minutes long). Performed by Laurence Yadi, On stage presents a choreographic language specifically influenced by the original part : a dance being held in a continuous flow, without dead time, affect or gradation of emotion. The natural, organic and elaborate secretion described by Graziella Jouan about Climax undergoes a change of tempo though. In search of an unbridled form, of an explosion, the choreography is subjected to a high acceleration. A solo marked by movements of an extreme and constant intensity. The Compagnie 7273 alos proposes a version of On stage with the musician Vincent Bertholet who accompanies the dancer on a double bass.


Creation - 2007
Duration 12'
Choreography , Concept:
Laurence Yadi
Laurence Yadi
Touring grants:
Compagnie 7273 has received a touring grant from Corodis in 2013 and 2014.