©Jonathan Imhof
©Jonathan Imhof
Performance for three female dancers | Creation 2020 | Duration 60’

Three is the number of dancers you will discover on stage, three women who began this story in 2016, during a first version of the play.

During the creative phase, they passed like shooting stars, draped in shimmering costumes. Four years later, they deliver a refined version of extreme intensity in which they appear to confront an enemy that haunts the emptiness of the stage and on which they convey the strengths and weaknesses that drive them.

3. is not an army, and yet these three women carry within them a whole arsenal that enshrouds us and rallies us to their cause. The exercise is fascinating with its radical form and pure gesture.

With this piece the choreographers aimed to present the portrait of three women for whom dance is a weapon of resistance and a means of emancipation. For the soundtrack they asked Egyptian composer Maurice Louca to adapt his famous album Salute the Parrot (Nawa Recordings, 2014) whose powerful sound, in turns hypnotic and almost pounding, inspired this creation.


Choreography, Concept
Laurence Yadi, Nicolas Cantillon

Aline Lopes, Margaux Monetti, Karima El Amrani

Maurice Louca, Sir Richard Bishop

Light design
Ursula Degen

Compagnie 7273

Château Rouge, Scène conventionnée - Annemasse

Coproduction Shooting Stars
La Bâtie - Festival de Genève, Service culturel de Vernier

Support for the creation of Shooting Stars
Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Fondation Corymbo


Financial support
Compagnie 7273 benefits from a joint cross-border regional agreement with DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, République et canton de Genève, Ville de Genève, Ville d’Annemasse and Château Rouge, scène conventionnée - Annemasse.

Compagnie 7273 is  supported by Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd.

Studios for rehearsal
ADC studio, Geneva

Research residency
Château Rouge, Annemasse