Fall in

Michel Juvet
Michel Juvet
Duo | creation 2023

Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon gather their memories and creative energy and evoke the artistic path they have travelled over twenty years. The play takes falling as its starting point, an allegory of the risk incurred in art and in life. What alchemy is at work between people to keep them standing? What strength breathes life into the bodies, those at work, on stage, tinged with a form of intoxication and fragility?

With this new duo, the choreographers feel the need to evoke how far they have come through the strength of their work together over the past 20 years.

In this piece, which flirts with cabaret and features multiple references, they invent characters and stage moments that they have experienced as dancers and choreographers.

They recall these events in the form of dance capsules, inventing and reinventing themselves. The bodies swing, fly, stand up with pride and humour to avoid falling and to divert the twilight from their path.



Choreography, Concept
Laurence Yadi, Nicolas Cantillon

Laurence Yadi, Nicolas Cantillon and a surprise guest

Sébastien Favez

Light design
Florian Bach

Minuit Deux

Compagnie 7273

Château Rouge, Scène conventionnée - Annemasse, le Dôme Théâtre – Scène Conventionnée d’Intérêt National «Art en territoire» Albertville



For the 2022-2024 period, Compagnie 7273 benefits from a joint cross-border regional support agreement with the DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the Republic and Canton of Geneva, the City of Geneva, the City of Annemasse, the Agglomeration Community of Arlysère, Château Rouge – Annemasse and the Dôme Théâtre – Albertville.

Compagnie 7273 is supported by Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd.

Studio for rehearsal and creation residency
ADC Studio Geneva, Dôme Théâtre Albertville