Guo Jianyong
Creation 2022 for the dancers of the Luzerner Theater

Spring 2021: How can one come up with a new dance programme with more than a year’s notice when the world is still completely paralysed? With what attitude does one set about it when a pandemic actually makes this art form, in which contact, touch and closeness are immanent like no other, impossible in essence? This was also the question Laurence Yadi asked herself when she, together with Nicolas Cantillon, began working on this creation.

Her answer: with all the verve, passion and enthusiasm inherent in dance! This is exactly what is conveyed by the flowing waves of bodies which are the trademark of the pair’s self-developed dance style “fuittfuitt”. But Ineptie is not just a dance piece: together with the entire artistic team, Yadi and Cantillon take the audience into a colourful world of experience made of space, sound and movement, which plays with our senses in the middle of the urban environment and plunges us into a rollercoaster of emotions. The creation deals in a multi-layered way with the imponderables and absurdities to which we have been exposed for months. But dance also enables us all to realise that despite all the melancholy, the joy of life is still asleep within us, awaiting to burst forth with full force at any moment…

Choreography, Concept
Laurence Yadi, in collaboration with Nicolas Cantillon

Marija Burceva, Dario Dinuzzi, Lisa Gareis, Mathilde Gilhet, Phoebe Jewitt, Carlos Kerr Jr., Marta Llopis Mollá, Valeria Marangelli, Igli Mezini, Mathew Prichard, Flavio Quisisana, Gabriele Rolle


Wanda Puvogel 


Financial support
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