Creation 2022 for the dancers of TanzLuzern

For her first season in Lucerne, Wanda Puvogel wishes to highlight the work of female choreographers. She has given Laurence Yadi carte blanche to create Ineptie, a work for twelve dancers to be performed ‘in the round’.

Particularly festive, celebrating the joy of being and dancing together, the work takes the audience into a world of multicoloured experiences made of space, sounds and movement.

Choreography, Concept
Laurence Yadi,

Outside eye
Nicolas Cantillon

Marija Burceva, Dario Dinuzzi, Lisa Gareis, Mathilde Gilhet, Phoebe Jewitt, Carlos Kerr Jr., Isabel Kooring, Marta Llopis Mollá, Valeria Marangelli, Igli Mezini, Mathew Prichard, Flavio Quisisana, Gabriele Rolle


Wanda Puvogel 

Scenography and costume
Valentin Köhler

Clemens Gorzella




original composition by Simon Beaumont arranged by Ivo Schnider / Islam Chipsy Feat. EEK: "El Zantor"