Grégory Batardon
Grégory Batardon
Performance for 7 female dancers | Creation 2019 | Duration 50’

Seven women, a circle and a dive into intimacy. Nuit is a quest for ecstasy.

Seven female dancers move around on stage, creating an intimate show. They communicate around a common dance score – a dance that they seem to have borne in their bodies forever, as if they had met since the dawn of time to share a ritual that belongs to them.

They remain distant from each other, lending the event a mystical form that borrows from the oldest ancestral traditions. It is at night that this community of individuals is transformed into an organic society. The dancers are linked by a physical form of solidarity, because they all need each other, like the organs in a body.

The light design of Zurich-based designer Ursula Degen gives Nuit multiple entries with regards to the place in which the fascinating experience of the seven dancers takes place.

All this is driven by leading Egyptian composer Maurice Louca, who has composed a percussive soundscape for the performance that combines chaabi with experimental music.

Choreography, Concept
Laurence Yadi, Nicolas Cantillon

Rosanne Briens, Ana Isabel Castro, Soraya Emery, Victoria Hoyland, Aline Lopes, Margaux Monetti, Melissa Ugolini



Maurice Louca

Light design
Ursula Degen

Video recording
Nicolas Veuthey

Compagnie 7273

Théâtre Forum Meyrin

Financial support
NUIT is supported by Fondation Meyrinoise du Casino, Pro Helvetia – Swiss arts council, Loterie Romande, Corymbo Foundation, Ernst Goehner Foundation, Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd.

Compagnie 7273 benefits from a joint cross-border regional agreement with DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, République et canton de Genève, Ville de Genève, Ville d’Annemasse and Château Rouge, scène conventionnée - Annemasse. Compagnie 7273 is supported by Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd.



Studio for rehearsal
ADC studio, Geneva

Research residency
Tanzhaus Zürich