Solo for young audiences (6-10) | creation 2023

Silahkan means “please” in Balinese. It is a word that is learned from childhood, an ordinary word but one that proves precious to children. It is a key that opens the door to desires, gifts and projects. This will be the starting point for the children’s show Laurence Yadi intends to create during a future residency in Bali. This everyday word will open onto the magical world of Balinese tales, inhabited by princesses, gods, demons and warriors.

A show for children raises the question of the show itself and its accessibility in everyday life, because children have this natural propensity to create shows, to invent stories and to perform them among themselves. It is important to resonate with this ability in order to desacralise the “show” event and to make it ordinary, banal and accessible. What does an “ordinary” show mean for a child? What is “ordinary,” what does it mean?

A show cannot be ordinary, it does not conform to the ordinary, to usual daily life, but all children should be able to go to shows as if they were the most natural thing in the world. Hence, the idea is to make the event as accessible as possible, perhaps by including children on stage at the end.

Expanding on research on movement that was initiated with the Middle Eastern codes of maqam, Laurence Yadi plans to explore Far Eastern traditions, this time during a residency in Bali. In Bali, there are customs that are very different from ours, both in traditional medicines and in ancient dances. It would actually be more accurate to speak of dance-theatre since each dance tells a story, generally taken from the Hindu epic Ramayana, one of the founding texts of Hindu mythology written in Sanskrit between the third century BC and the third century AD. It will be an opportunity to learn these fascinating dances, with their many details, the precise and elegant movements of the hands, eyes and fingers in particular, and their richly coloured clothing.

After twenty years of research and after having twins in 2015, the 7273 are now excited to immerse themselves in a new universe.


Choreography, Concept
Laurence Yadi

Laurence Yadi or Margaux Monetti

Margaux Monetti

Outside eye
Nicolas Cantillon, Chine Curchod

Maurice Louca

Light design
Ursula Degen

Set design, costumes
Valentin Köhler

Compagnie 7273

Château Rouge, Scène conventionnée - Annemasse, le Dôme Théâtre – Scène Conventionnée d’Intérêt National «Art en territoire» Albertville



Cie 7273 benefits from a joint cross-border regional support agreement with the DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the Republic and Canton of Geneva, the City of Geneva, the City of Annemasse, the Agglomeration Community of Arlysère, Château Rouge – Annemasse and the Dôme Théâtre – Albertville.

Compagnie 7273 is supported by Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd.

Studios for rehearsal
ADC studio, Geneva



  • 08 – 09.11.2024
    Première - Salle du Lignon, Vernier (Suisse)
  • 21 – 22.11.2024
    Dôme Théâtre, Albertville (France)
  • 25 – 29.11.2024
    Château Rouge, Annemasse (France)
  • 28 – 31.01.2025
    Pavillon de la danse, Genève (Suisse)