Tarab Redux

Grégory Batardon
Grégory Batardon
Grégory Batardon
Grégory Batardon
Grégory Batardon
Grégory Batardon
Performance for 17 dancers | re-creation 2023 | Duration 55’

For the tenth anniversary of Tarab, a signature piece that has toured constantly since its creation, Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon have invited a new generation of dancers to share the stage with them. This is Tarab redux, an augmented version for 17 dancers. Mesmerising and furiously collective, Tarab redux celebrates the joy of dancing together in an outpouring of bodies mingling in unison in a continuous, ornamental movement of breathtaking levitation.

For this anniversary, the choreographers aim to share the Multi-Styles Fuittfuitt dance style they have been developing since 2003. They also hope to give young dancers the opportunity to land a contract with an established company, while at the same time promoting the work of Swiss training programmes. They are thus collaborating with dancers who have recently trained at Ballet Junior in Geneva, Marchepied in Lausanne and Tanzwerk 101 in Zurich.

Choreography, Concept
Laurence Yadi, Nicolas Cantillon

Jacques Mantica

Minuit Deux




Luc Bénard, Rosanne Briens, Nicolas Cantillon, Ana Isabel Castro, Ryan Djojokarso, Karima El Amrani, Victoria Hoyland, Aline Lopes, Margaux Monetti, Melissa Ugolini (original casting)
Tamara Bermudez, Joan Cellier, Yumio Chanoki, Marguerite delle Fontane, Irina Gloor, Rosine Ponti, Mauricio Zuniga (additional distribution)



Tarab redux is supported by the Republic and Canton of Geneva (Transformation project), the City of Vernier and Sophie and Karl Binding FIRST DANCE.